Krysta's messages demonstrate that wonderful mix of truth wrapped in grace, challenge wrapped in comfort, and wisdom wrapped in humor. She is a gifted teacher, passionate speaker, and a powerful pray-er. You have got to invite her- she is dynamic.

- Ellen Duffield,

Director, The Leadership Studio: Muskoka Woods


​​I've had the privilege of hearing Krysta Szkarlat speak on several different occasions. She has a beautiful gift of bringing the relationship with our Great and Almighty God down to a personal and intimate level. She is engaging, thought provoking and a genuine delight. Krysta has truly challenged me to see my loving Heavenly Father's character from a fresh and inspired perspective.


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SUMMER 2017 update
This summer I was invited to speak at Elmvale Community Church on one of my favorite bible passages where Paul is speaking about marriage in Ephesians 5! I've spent the last few years studying men and women and the bible and much of that study has been centered on the marriage relationship. So for me, to have the opportunity to preach explicitly from this passage the kingdom ideals of mutual submission and sacrificial love was incredible! Often this text has been used to teach that husbands are to be in authority over their wives and that God desires specific roles of each but upon looking closer at the text's cultural context and examining a bit of the Greek we saw the BIG picture: that we are called to leave behind the authority holding, hierarchical ways of Rome and move towards the way of Christ in His love and sacrifice! Find the entire sermon on the MEDIA page! 

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Krysta Szkarlat

Krysta is a passionate woman of God. It has been said "the medium is the message". In this case, Krysta is the message. She lives what she says. Her heart for truth comes through every time she shares. She has an amazing ability to draw the audience in using story telling, humour and most importantly, an incredible knowledge of the scriptures.
We whole heartedly commend Krysta and her ministry to you!

-Pastor Lawrence & Tammy Crews


  • young adult conferences
  • Sunday morning services
  • small groups
  • university/college student retreats
  • city-wide youth services
  • women's ministries
  • youth groups
  • young adult nights

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