itinerant speaker

Elmvale Community Church, Elmvale, ON

August  6th, 2017

"All Inclusive" series, TheYoungLife

Mapleview Community Church, Barrie, ON

March 13th, 2016

The often overlooked letter from the Apostle Paul to Philemon regarding his runaway slave, Onesimus, is jam packed with Paul's theology regarding how the community of God is to operate. Within a highly stratified social context predicated upon slavery, Paul calls Philemon to recognize Onesimus' identity in Christ above his identity as Philemon's own slave. Paul's teaching on the body of Christ has radical implications for how we are to treat one another, but just how far does Paul expect us to take this concept of being " one in Christ'? 

Does Paul teach that husbands are to be in authority over their wives? Is that what the Apostle meant when he used the word "head"? What does it mean for the wife to submit to her husband? Most readers don't recognize how radical and revolutionary Paul is being when he talks about how believers are to act within the marriage relationship! It takes diving deep into the culture of Paul's day and looking to the original language of the New Testament to recognize the kingdom ideals of mutual submission and sacrifical love that the original readers would have been absolutely shocked to hear! Often we interpret this text through our OWN current cultural lens and we miss out on how Paul is pulling and tugging the marriage ideals of his day in the direction of the kingdom and giving the "household codes" a gospel makeover!

Nipissing Canadore Christian Fellowship

Winter Retreat, Camp Kahquah

January 15, 16 & 17, 2016

Jesus came and changed everything! Long gone are the days of human priests mediating between God and his people with only one man in all of Israel able to access the very presence of God just one day out of the entire year. With his death and resurrection, Jesus inaugurated a New Covenant where every single believer now has equal access to the presence of God and they themselves become a temple of the Holy Spirit. Each of us are part of the priesthood of all believers, but are we leaving the benefits and privilages sitting on the shelf?


Calvary Community Church

Women's Event, Barrie, Ontario

Spring 2015

An excerpt from

The MYTH OF "biblical womanhood".



We desire for our churches to be effective in demonstrating the kingdom of God and that means ensuring that everyone who walks through those front doors feels wanted, welcomed, empowered and included. Inclusion is empowering. Exclusion is disempowering. We must not forget that. Shouldn’t we, who represent Jesus here on earth, be far more inclusive than exclusive? Whether you believe it or not, representation matters.

Does the bible present a clear, concise way to be a "biblical" woman? Some may argue that the scriptures do just that. I examine a few very interesting and celebrated women of the bible in search of a prescription for "Biblical Womanhood". Trust me, it's not what you think. Check out the audio above!



Out of the old and into the new covenant.

Krysta Szkarlat