itinerant speaker

Krysta Szkarlat

Krysta has always showed strength of will and character even as a young girl which I believed would be channeled for the purposes of Jesus. Today she is a beautiful young woman of God in every way.  Tenacious in her pursuit of Jesus, Krysta has a huge heart for others, loves to pray for the sick, is sensitive to the prophetic and is a woman of integrity.  She is a strong communicator, able to relate to a broad spectrum of ages and social strata . You aren't with her long before you realize Krysta is animated by an authentic relationship with Jesus and motivated to share Him in His irreligious love. 

- Pastor John Cook


I have had the privilege of hearing Krysta speak on a Sunday morning and at a ladies event. She shares her heart with such conviction and passion. It is evident that she loves the Lord with all of her heart, soul, mind and strength and her love of God's Word is contagious when she speaks.  She makes you want to go home and dig deeper into the Word of God. Her faith and confidence in God compels you to want to experience that same faith and confidence in your own life. Hearing Krysta will challenge you to live a life that demonstrates the love of God and to truly care about others, to care about social justice and to love humanity - whether they are family, friends or strangers.

- Dianne

The communication style of Krysta Szkarlat is filled with both practical application and passionate delivery. This Woman of God gets excited about God's word for the people. She is full of poise and grace. She is light on her feet and funny. Yet, she can still deliver the serious tone of the passage at hand with the love of God and sense of conviction of Holy Spirit. It is truly an honor to know her and share in the ministry work of Jesus.

- Pastor Nick Kostyc

Krysta is a passionate woman; an absolute inspiration. With a gentle heart, and kind spirit, she’s the kind of person you feel safe coming to for Godly advice whether you know her personally or not. She listens intently, while declaring truth over you. The few times I’ve heard Krysta share a message, it’s evident that she has a teaching anointing. Her message and communication is clear, precise, as well as compassionate and loving. Her words of encouragement are always timely and in season. She is extremely passionate to see God’s kingdom established here on earth through ALL of God’s children; men and women alike. She's the kind of person that you're blessed in knowing and doing life with.

- Magna